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About LW

LW research group offers customized, high quality marketing research field services to a wide variety of clients ranging from automotive clinics and drive tests to an array of qualitative focus groups. Our excellent customer service and meticulous attention to detail has built our client loyalty, which spans internationally. With an innovative team intact, no project is too challenging. Our forward-thinking approach has built a sound reputation.

With a commitment to service and technology for over 20 years, LW research group, is one of Southern California's leading research facilities and was rated one of the World's Best Facilities and Top Rated in the Impulse Survey in 2008.

LW research group's Focus Centre has all the audio/video equipment necessary to ensure commercial quality results from pan and tilt cameras (can zoom in for one on ones or smaller groups) to InterClipper direct recording onto CD or DVD formats. We also offer videoconferencing/ videostreaming via FocusVision Worldwide.

LW research group has three focus group/client viewing rooms. Our largest client room seats up to 20 clients and our largest focus group room can seat up to 25 classroom style. LW has the flexibility to set up configurations: from living room style, usability labs, and kids set up.

LW research group offers both wired and wireless T1 internet access, providing clients with up to 15 hard wired lines. All client viewing rooms are equipped with a client computer with internet access and our focus group rooms have 37" Flat Screen LCD TV's.

LW research group is located within Los Angeles County in the upscale neighborhood of Encino. Within a 40 mile radius of every major LA region, our Focus Centre has convenient freeway access and is surrounded by areas with diversified socioeconomic backgrounds. This makes our Focus Centre the perfect location for any project.

LW research group specializes in recruiting and coordinating automotive clinics, drive tests and special research events. We work directly with clients planning off site projects throughout the country with a staff in most major cities.

Look no further...
We anticipate your needs and maintain the highest standard of integrity.

We feel confident you will find a difference when you work with our team. With LW research group there is a sense of pride... and sense of ownership of each and every project.

"With LW research Group... Experience a "Partnership" "With LW research Group... Experience the Difference"

*Affiliated with Focus Centre of Chicago